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Jeong, Youngjin

Jeong, Youngjin



Ph.D (1989-1995): Seoul National University, Department of Fiber Engineering
M.S (1987-1989): Seoul National University, Department of Fiber Engineering
B.S (1983-1987): Seoul National University, Fiber Engineering


2005-: Soongsil University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Professor
2011-2012: Cornell University, Visiting Professor
1998-2005: Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Professor
2002-2003: Georgia Institute of Technology, Visiting Professor
1995-1998: CSIRO, Australia, Researcher

Research Interests

  • Continuous Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube Assembly
    • CNT Film Heat Element
    • CNT Flexible Sensor
    • CNT Bulletproof materials
  • Secondary Lithium Batteries
    • Lithium-ion Battery
    • Wearable Battery

Lab. Overview

  • Nano Carbon Material Lab. (Carbon Lab.)
    The Nano Carbon Materials Lab has the technology to continuously manufacture carbon nanotubes with excellent electrical properties, high mechanical strength, and thermal conductivity in various forms, such as fibers or films. We research the application of CNT to future industries, such as suits, electronic gloves, sensors, ultra-light power cables, and EMI shielding.